Zimbabwe Pastor arrested for selling tickets to Heaven

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Sunday 13th January 2018

A Pastor in Zimbabwe was arrested together with his wife for allegedly selling tickets to heaven.

Pastor Tito Wats told thousands of people that it was Jesus who appeared to him, then gave him tickets to sale to people especially sinners so that they could also enter heaven.

“I don’t care what people or the police are saying about me, I am being persecuted because of doing the work of God.”

” Jesus Christ appeared to me and gave me the tickets made of pure gold so that I can sell to people who want salvation”, said the pastor

Thousands of people are protesting at the pastor’s arrest and called on the police to release him immediately as they are using their own money to buy salvation.

The controversial pastor had previously ‘reportedly’ visited heaven and took photos which he was selling to members of his congregation.

The photos, he said, could only be released after payment of R5000 (South African Rands), about $340.

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