You are my hero my love – Muzaata’s Wife Kulthum pens emotional letter

You are my hero my love - Muzaata's Wife Kulthum pens emotional letter

Late Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata Batte’s wife Kulthum Nabunya has today penned down an emotional letter to the late… She has revealed the love she had for Sheikh Muzaata claiming he will forever be her hero…

“Honey I met you when I was a little girl and I didn’t know what love meant. I was just 16 years. You taught me how to love and life has been so beautiful the 20 years we have spent together as husband and wife. Also, you have natured me to be a strong very hard-working faithful woman. You are my hero my love.

I pray the almighty Allah to reward you for whatever good deed you were able to do. To forgive your short comings and reward you with Jannah Fridous. May your grave be like one of the gardens in Jannah. I will always miss you and I pray we both re-unite in Jannah. Allahuma gafirahu waruhamuh waskinhu firijannat,” Kulthum Nabunya wrote.

Reaction from social media in-laws in regards to Muzaata’s wife [Kulthum Nabunya]

Hannah Jakana

May Allah strengthen you.And please dnt fight for anything if they want let them take them away they have not taken your hands,brain nor yr life.The world is full of people judging others.No one knws what the two of u were going thru so everyone will talk what they want but dnt be moved.Everything is Gods plan.

Fortebet Uganda

Cossy Bella

RIP sheikh muzaata but eeh 16 yrs really?? what words /actions did he use to get hajjat kulthum tempted, olwanye entalo maama😕😕tujja kuba tuli awo nga Bukedde etugamba nti hajjat ali kumutabani womugenzi benazaako naku😭😭😭😭

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Bint Muhammad

Kwekubya mizimu just… The guy had divorced her before he died… Obulimba obukuli.. Olwo bakutende nti obadde omwagalanyo after his death nga mubulamu wamuyisanga bubi…

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