Woman wakes up from coma 27 years after school bus crash

Munira Abdulla suffered such serious brain damage that doctors doubted she would ever open her eyes again. sky news
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A woman who suffered a catastrophic brain injury and fell into a coma when her car collided with a school bus in the United Arab Emirates has woken up for the first time in almost three decades.

Munira Abdullah was involved in the horrific road accident in 1991, having picked up her son Omar, 4, from school in the city of Al Ain.

Omar escaped with just a bruise to his head, but his mother, who was 32 at the time, suffered such serious damage that doctors doubted she would ever open her eyes again.

Ms Abdulla is still receiving treatment in Abu Dhabi

Twenty-seven years on, she regained consciousness in a German hospital room and her family have now spoken for the first time about her ordeal and miraculous recovery.

Speaking to UAE newspaper The National, Omar, now 32, said: “I never gave up on her because I always had a feeling that one day she will wake up.”

Ms Abdulla has been able to answer questions since waking up and has recited verses from the Quran.

She is continuing to receive treatment in Abu Dhabi, having been transferred to a number of different hospitals in various countries since the accident, including one in London.

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