Woman shoves priest off stage ‘for saying fat women don’t go to heaven’

Viral footage shows the woman, who had been listening from the audience, suddenly launch herself at the priest who goes flying off the stage. metro
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This is the dramatic moment a woman runs on stage and throws a priest off stage in the middle of a public sermon.

It is believed she had run onto the stage after the priest told worshippers that ‘fat women don’t go to heaven’, reported Diario 1. Local reports have identified the priest as Marcelo Rossi – a well-known religious figure in the country – who is said to have been left uninjured.

Although the priest is not heard making the statement during the short clip, some reports say he allegedly made the comment prior to the woman’s attack.

Around 50,000 worshippers are seen standing up from their seats in shock as the priest dramatically tumbles down the stage stairs onto the floor. However, some reports have suggested the priest did not make the controversial comment at all and the woman was suffering from mental health issues.

The woman is seen suddenly running on the stage towards the priest Reports say the priest was not injured and carried on with the sermon According to ABC Noticias, the woman’s friends informed the police following the incident that she had mental health concerns.

The incident took place during a religious event in the area of Cachoeira Paulista, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The church said on Twitter that Rossi continued with the sermon as the woman was arrested, reported ABC Noticias.

A statement read: ‘The father has suffered an attack during mass. We pray for him. ‘Fortunately, the religious man has not suffered considerable injuries and was able to continue with the mass.’



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