Will People for Power (PFP) Uganda erase People Power our Power?

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Events promoter Balamu Barugahara and NRM diehard vows to die with Bobi Wine supporters who intends to misuse his newly registered “People Power”(People for Power (PFP) Uganda) for their political sentiments.

“Those pushing and abusing President Museveni get what do because he is going nowhere.  Imagine a personal who can’t even register his company.” Balamu said in a video clip share by Team GWE SUUBI

Many think that the statement made by him in  the video after his PFP organisation registration signifies a move for government to disorganise the People Power  slogan founder MP Kyagulanyi’s political move together with his followers.

Owning the patent rights of the slogan, Balaam allegedly warned those who are using the word “People Power” for political objections to stop it or else they face law for misusing and damaging the reputation of his organisation.

Balama’s move faced opposition from People Power supporters mostly from Facebook bloggers and commentators where some claim that Balamu registered something different from theirs.

Using a data repository website OpenCorporate.com (opencorporates.com/companies/ug) indicates that two people power related organisation have already been registered where we also have Kigezi Peole Power Forum Limited incorporated on 29th March 2016 – 3 years back.

According to the edge.ug:

Bobi Wine said he was aware that the state has attempted to use some people to reserve and register the name People Power as a political organisation with the Electoral Commission.

“The intention is to hijack this name and prevent us from using it further. We also have information that the state is planning to invoke Section 56 of the Penal Code Act and declare People Power an unlawful society.

Many people still believe that Balamu registered something different and they vowe to continue singing “People Power.”

I was wondering how the slogan would be a name, they thrive in confusion, went and forged something which is not even close to the slogan and started claiming the ownership of the slogan with his scared fellow NRM supporters screaming allover 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂,they need to go combine efforts,maybe some sense will come out of it. Debbie Wule – on Facebook.


*PeoplePower* *OurPower*,
derived from Article 1 of Uganda’s Constitution which says all power belongs to the people.

Very soon, some other biased rich fellow will register Bobi Wine as his private entity, therefore making it illegal for Mr. President Kyagulanyi to use it 😄😄. Derrick Munganguzi 

The nation awaits to see how Balamu will confront People Power slogan users for the sake of his organization which he claims is intended to serve elderly people yet the prominent “People power” slogan founder MP Kyagulanyi Ssentamu believes the slogan is to empower the oppressed politician, under paid doctors and teachers, a journalist beaten, young lady dying in labour, hair dressers and all Ugandan suffering under the Museveni’s regime.

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