Why Ashburg Kato unknowingly provides a golden opportunity to Bobi Wine

Bobi Wine and Ashburg Kato
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The past few days have been filled with mixed reactions and emotional stress spread all over the Ugandan internet space. From LDU incompetence, 10Billion Parliament saga, Vivian Mutanda and Brian white rape allegations, Ben Kavuya and his Royal family and now Ashburg Kato with the people power. It has been a catastrophe to catastrophe. As Ugandans are still, processing one issue here another one happens, then another one and then another one. Abasajja Batutwala speed. -Regardless we move.

Fortebet Uganda

Ashburg Kato has come out to denounce any more association with the People Power Movement as he crossed over to the Ruling NRM. The actions of Ashburg have been natured by our very own society that has continued to preach a senseless, ignorant and self-destructive doctrine of “end justifies the means”, This means good outcome excuses any wrongs committed to attain it. Fair enough, Ashburg has a good argument here as he claims he made a presentation to the President on improving Ghettos so basically if that project materializes then its all Good.

bobi wine
People Power Movement Leader Hon Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu

Here is why his revelation is a golden opportunity that the people power Hancho Bobi wine can exploit to his advantage and the betterment of the Red army. Here is where it gets interesting. Read between these lines like your life depends on it because actually the prosperity of People Power depends on it.

Ashburg Kato came out in one of his many Facebook outbursts to say that he was not the only unsatisfied sheep in the Red army.

He clearly wrote that they had a WhatsApp group dedicated to backbiting and undermining Bobi wine. He goes ahead to name a few members in the WhatsApp group that they shared.

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Among the names mentioned is Bobi wine die-hard and loyalist Eddy Mutwe among others. Now, this might be baseless. Fair enough. But you all have to accept that Ashburg was a big deal in the People Power and if it is true that this dissatisfaction was raised in their WhatsApp group that had other people power bigshots as members then we are most likely to see more black sheep come out.

Ashburg Kato
Blogger Ashburg Kato

This smoke is only an opportunity for Bobi wine to make an underground intelligence to hook out these sheep. We have seen leaders like Kim Jong-Un fake his own death as a trap to see who has double-crossed him. Lay multiple traps, find out who these disgruntled members are. Talk to them. Find out what has made them come to this state. Work away out. It is usually a small thing that gets humans double-crossing others. Otherwise, People Power could lose more of its own. Those that can not be straightened should be let go. “If a man can not put his house in order, then he should not have a house in the first place” – MALCOM X.

Written By Isiret Tukei.

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