Why are TV people embarrassed by my coffee – Museveni

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His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has today 1st June 2020 addressed the nation about coronavirus updates. The president, however, took a dig at TV people or journalists who make fun of him out of his coffee.

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The president made various updates on the different directives to be followed after the current lockdown ends on the 4th. In addition, public transport and opening up of schools and higher institutions of learning were meant to resume on the 4th.

However, Museveni only allowed public transport to resume its operations on the 4th. In addition, and suspended the opening of schools and universities for one month.

“Why do these TV people get embarrassed by my coffee,” Museveni said during the national address.

President Museveni, therefore, thanked the Ministry of Health for doing a great job to stop the widespread of the virus. In addition, he also warned the truck drivers to stay in the isolation centers and don’t mix up with people. In addition, he said in the meantime, the trucks can carry out the transportation of cargo. However, after ensuring water and railway transport are in good shape, the government will, therefore, ban these trucks…

The following are the measures President Museveni issued in tonight’s nation address…

1. Opening of schools for candidates postponed for another month.

2. Pupils to continue learning via Radios & Televisions.
-President suggests that every village be given 2 television sets for the students to congregated and learn.
– Or every family be given a radio receiver.

3. Churches, Mosques, traditional shrines to remain closed.

4. Political, Cultural, and Religious meetings to hold on.

5. Shopping malls to open on 4th June 2020 provided they can observe social distancing.

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni
His Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni addressing the Nation

6. Boda Bodas & Tuku Tuku should keep quiet and wait for coronavirus to disappear but are free to carry cargo.
– President says that Boda Bodas had already become a problem in the city even before coronavirus, so they should keep silent.

7. Airports & borders still closed. (Only open for cargo).

8. Public transport; Taxis, buses, and passenger trains to resume on 4th June 2020. In addition, provided they carry half of their capacities (50%). Border districts exempted.

9. Trucks carrying cargo could be replaced by trains & ships in case the current measures fail to work.

10. Bars, Gyms, Beauty salons, and Barbershops, “LODGES” remain closed.

11. All the other measures remain in place eg wearing masking when going in the public, washing hands frequently, curfew, social distancing, etc.

40 new coronavirus cases in Uganda as Museveni’s address awaits

7 frontline doctors test positive for COVID-19, the total is 417 in Uganda

Safaricom closes TRM store after employee tests positive for COVID-19

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to address the nation on Monday

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