Whole Truth – Why Mwozey Radio’s ghost is crying out to family members

Whole Truth - Why Mwozey Radio’s ghost is crying out to family members

AGAIN!!! Social media is quite pretty very busy with the news for the late singer Moses Sekibogo Nakintijje alias Mwozey Radio. A credible Cyclone Times news source alleges that Mwozey radio’s ghost keeps crying out loud to his family members to remove the powerful rosary from his body… In addition, claiming that it’s very heavy for him, therefore, they should remove it.

Having been a true Rastafari, Mowzey Radio apparently never believed in Rosaries and most of Catholic acts but when he died, this rosary was put on him.

Now it is claimed that his Ghost has appeared in close family members dreams, asking them and begging them to remove it because it is too heavy on his chest and that he is in pain.

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Appearing on a TV interview, his young brother confirmed the story and claimed that the family was taking care of the matter with nothing to worry about since they are believers.

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