WHOLE TRUTH: Pastor Yiga performed fake miracles – Nalunkuma Diana

WHOLE TRUTH : Pastor Yiga performed fake miracles - Nalunkuma Diana

A one Nalunkuma Diana has come out openly and revealed to the nation that the late pastor Yiga performed fake miracles…

“I used to act for pastor yiga because I was looking for money… I was at my Mums at Kyankima. It was at around 2.00 pm, then a certain man came looking for people that were suitable for some job…


So a certain neighbor came and talked to me and said that hey Diana, are you aware that there is a mega-deal somewhere? I then replied to her that what kind of deal is it, then she said that there is a certain man who is looking for people to go and work…,” Nalunkuma Diana said.

“Hmmm, I felt super excited therefore I immediately ran out with her and met him… He told me that we have a deal at pastor Yiga’s… He wants someone who can feature in a kind of play or movie, will you manage [he asked] me… Therefore I replied that of course, I will… This is because I was already in search of a job… So I decided to take up the gig however before I came to the conclusion, I asked him how much they were to pay for my services…,” Nalunkuma Diana added.

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“Therefore the man told me that pastor Yiga’s minimum pay was about 20K…  Hmm, I then tried to bargain with him because it was very little for that kind of job… Therefore he told me that it was negotiable in the process… He then told us to get ready that he was to pick us up at around 5.00 pm… However, I was not the only one, therefore he came for me and then started collecting others from where they had agreed to be picked…

On our arrival, we reached some house with red roofings…Hmm that’s when I realized that it was a house for Nabbi Omukazi… Therefore they put us in a certain room where pastor Yiga [the late] found us at around 11.00 pm… The pastor started with a woman who had a child. He asked her whether the child could walk properly, the lady replied that yes…” Nalunkuma Diana said.

“Therefore pastor Yiga then told her that I want the child to act like she is disabled… After that, he called me and asked for my names… I told him everything he wanted to know… He then said to me that he had liked me and he even emphasized that he loved one of my eyes which had a problem…

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Therefore he said to me that I was to act as a blind person… He [pastor Yiga] asked me whether I had come along with a friend who I am related to… I told him nope… Therefore he selected someone else who came to the church who was to act as my sister…,” Nalunkuma Diana said.

In conclusion, she advised Ugandans not to believe most of the pastors because most of them are fake…

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