Who will attend Makerere University’s 71st graduation?

Makerere University Graduation List

Unlike previous graduations, there’s a limited number of people that shall attend Makerere University’s 71st graduation this year due to covid-19.

The Freedom Square held event will be exclusive this year in a bid to adhere to the Standard Operating Procedures that were set by the Ministry of Health in a quest to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

Among the graduating students, only first class Bachelor’s students shall be present, PhD students as well as students that have completed their Masters’ degree at the institution.

This has stirred a number of reactions from students as many of them are disappointed due to their failure to have the physical graduation that they have always looked forward to having.

Basing on Namusoke Maria, a graduate of Journalism and Mass Communication, it is disappointing since she had always anticipated to have the university held ceremony before her own party.

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“The university has already passed a decision but how I wish that we could have a physical graduation as a class just to mark the end of an academic journey that we started together,” she said.

Despite the students’ pleas, the university had no option but to ensure that the number of students is just in line with how much the university can contain during this time of great danger.

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“We have to abide by the University’s rules since what matters the most is us graduating, attaining our transcripts and moving on with our live,” said Monica Nahurira, a graduate of Development Studies.

In the history of the learning institute, this shall be the first time such is happening but again, due to covid-19, we have been forced to embrace the new normal as a means of survival.

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