What is so special about Busabala? There were ulterior motives behind the show, NRM to Bobi Wine

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Following the Bobi Wine’s shows cancellation by Uganda Police, NRM has finally spoken out after numerous accusations from people power supporters pinning Museveni to be behind these weird actions on Hon.Kyagulanyi’s music shows.

Last week Hon. Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine stood on the floor of parliament and reported to the speaker how Uganda Police keeps blocking and cancelling his music shows as his original source of income.

Hon. Kadaga the speaker tasked minister of security Gen. Elly Timeline to explain why security was bothering Bobi Wine but he arrogantly blunted to the speaker that he (Bobi Wine) his suffering [job hazzards].

The debate went on till the minister of internal affairs Gen. Jeje Odongo came up and gave clearance and assurance of free musics concerts or shows to Bobi Wine and the house.

Few days later, Bobi Wine had to perform on a show in Gaba on 25th December 2018 and to his surprise got blocked by police and military not allowing him to perform, later did he know that even his arrangements for YEE SSEBO show on Boxing Day at one love beach Busabala had already been besieged by army and police.
In a facebook statement, Bobi Wine reported that police and army cordoned his beach premises, arrested his staff, sound engineers ordered to pulled down the stage and later chased.
People power social media activists went on blaming and pinning President Museveni to have undermined the parliament’s assurance/decision and ordered police to disrupt YEE SSEBO show at One Love Beach – Busabala.
They added that President even went on to make an advert for his muzukulu Bebe Cool for “Tondeka E’kiwatule Mutima Gwa Zzabu show” with intentions of sabotaging Busabala.
Today, through the NRM National Chairman blog, NRM has condemned allegations linking Museveni to Busabala Issues and clearly citing that there were hidden in tensions behind the show that’s why police disrupted it.
See full blog statement below.

There has been talk linking NRM National Chairman, President Yoweri Museveni, to the flopped Boxing Day show by Bobi Wine. Let it be known that National Chairman Museveni is not a law enforcer-that is the work of police.

Nobody is above the law and Uganda is not lawless. Other performers with shows on the same day all over the country were allowed to work after meeting bare minimum conditions.

What is so special about Busabala that organisers cannot behave for the sake of their business? There were ulterior motives behind the show that they couldn’t declare but those motives are known by security.

NRM National Chairman was neither invited to nor informed about what was to take place at Busabala and had nothing to do with it. He has not hesitated to support any artist who needs his participation whenever possible. He cannot be reduced to small talk of flopped shows.

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