Wema Sepetu blasts Kenyan radio Station because of this Statement

Wema Sepetu
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Wema Sepetu blasts Kenyan radio Station because of this Statement

Very angry Wema Sepetu has today blasted a Kenyan radio statement for talking trash about her and Harmonize. Sepetu gets bitterly angry with people who don’t respect her beautiful name. In addition, the people who address her as “Diamond’s Ex” every time they are saying something about her or even writing about her.

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Wema Sepetu lashed a very ugly and tough warning at Classic 105 in Kenya. In addition, she told them to stop writing her stories or talking about her if they can’t put some respect on her name. When Wema Sepetu hosted the CEO of Konde Music worldwide Harmonize on her awesome show, they referred to him as “Diamond’s nemesis”. Therefore this pissed off the cool actress taking her moods to completely 0%.

Wema Sepetu

Who is Wema Sepetu?

Sepetu is a beauty contestant and Tanzanian actress. She was born on 28th September 1988 in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. She won the Miss Tanzania contest which was held in 2006. Wema comes from a very diplomatic family of the late Sepetu Abraham. Aepetu is the last born in a family of four children. Sepetu went to Academic International school in Dar es Salaam. This is where she attended her primary, secondary and high school education.

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I hate this post. Alafu @classic105Kenya hizi mambo za kuniandika ex ex mnikome please… I’m the former Miss Tanzania and an award-winning actress, a beauty icon… an entrepreneur who owns her own Application that is currently doing so wwell. So please tuheshimiane…ex ex kama hamwezi andika bila kuweka ex… Don’t write my stories” Wema Sepetu bitterly warned.

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