WATCH LIVE: Museveni closes Universities, Schools, Churches for 30 days over Coronavirus

Museveni to close schools and churches today covid
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Fortebet Uganda

Key issues in Presidents speech

  1. Uganda has 1.4 million people living with HIV so ‘everything possible’ will be done to stop the ‘enemy’ [#COVID19] from coming here.
  2. Big masses; students, a total of 15 million distributed in over 50,688 institutions, will be temporarily sent home.
  1. All religious gatherings have been suspended for a month with immediate effect
  2. All political and cultural gatherings – conferences and elections have been suspended for 32 days with immediate effect
  3. Category one countries; Italy, France, S.Korea, China, US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Austria & San Morino

All travel to, through and these countries is banned for Ugandans.

Foreigners going there will be processed
  1. Ugandans from those countries will pay a cost for a mandatory quarantine at a government-approved place.
  2. Known concentration points like factories, parks and industries will continue operating but with approved Standard Operating procedures put out by @MinofHealthUG
  3. Ugandan style weddings – that bring a pentagon of groups; two clans, school friends, workmates & well-wishers are postponed for 32 DAYS.
Couples can undertake a wedding with less than 10 people
  1. Funerals, for 32 days, will be conducted by only relatives in the vicinity.
All those who die from #COVID19 will be buried by the state.
  1. People sitting next to each other in public transport are advised to travel only when necessary.
Public transport companies will have SOPs
  1. Meetings in bars and restaurants and sports events have been suspended for a month.
  2. Citizens are urged to buy and eat oranges. Emphasis is placed on handwashing too.

Those are the measures that will be taken by Uganda to combat the spread of #COVID19

Fortebet Uganda

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