VIDEO: Man Dies of COVID-19 & ‘Resurrects’ Before His Burial

SHOCKER VIDEO: Man Dies of COVID-19 & 'Resurrects' Before His Burial

Wonders shall really never seize to happen in this world and this time around, we hold a bizarre story of a man who died of COVID-19 and resurrected just a few minutes before being buried in presence of his mourning relatives and friends.

COVID-19 Fortebet Uganda

In this video that is making massive rounds on social media with public health officers that conduct the burial ceremonies of those that die of COVID-19 donning their blue PPE gears are seen removing a previously dead man who had succumbed from Coronavirus and this time, he was breathing and receiving the necessary attention.

Fortebet Uganda

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This resurrected man was seen being removed from the already tightened paper bags as his arms laid powerless and uncontrolled on the ground. After the whole process was done, he is seen being rushed to a distant place from the mourning crowd for further procedures. This left many gob smacked and in full utter shock as it has not happened before and the burial did not take place.

Watch Video here.

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