VIDEO: Bobi Wine shall run back to NRM – Sipapa

Bobi Wine shall run back to NRM - Sipapa
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City socialite and self-acclaimed tycoon Sipapa has boldly said that Bobi Wine shall soon return to the National Resistance Movement where he belongs.

According to Sipapa, Bobi Wine is like a lost sheep that shall soon return home to where it belongs. Despite of the fact that he claims to have different political affiliations, Sipapa believes Bobi Wine shall soon come to his senses.

While speaking to media, he went a head to say that President Museveni would gladly receive Bobi Wine like a good parent does after their child has gone astray and is drifting away from what they have been taught.

In his communication to media he said;

“Because this is our grandfather ( President Museveni), he cannot chase his grand children. As long as we speak ill of Bobi Wine, he will keep drifting away and will also fear that he may be punished once he returns.”


Sipapa went ahead to affirm that his sources has already told him about Bobi Wine’s plan to return to the ruling NRM and it will only be a matter of time before he runs back to the confines of a party he has always supported.

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“Basing on my sources, he wants to return but the criticism is scaring him away. But he will return any minute now, he is like a drug addict that need rehabilitation. But he is our own and will return in about five months.”

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Sipapa also went on to say that President Museveni is still fit to rule the country as he has sufficient experience and a broad knowledge base so Ugandans should just keep on voting for him.

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