Valentine’s week – Here is what to do on each day before the D-day

Valentine's week - Here is what to do on each day before the D-day
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You could have started preparing for your Valentine’s day, but with less than a week to the D-day, cyclone times brings you Valentine’s calendar.

February 7th: Rose Day; This date marks the beginning of Valentine’s Day week. On this day, giving one a rose is a way to show your affection for them.

February 8th: Propose Da; This day doesn’t mean anything much than it states. This day is popular with the “will you” question.

February 9th: Chocolate Day; Wow, chocolate lovers can’t find another meaning for this day. Buying a chocolate and sharing it with your loved ones makes up this day.

February 10th: Teddy Day: have you heard of Teddy Bears? Teddies are the gifted to express romantic feelings and emotions on this day. This will probably make the loved ones to feel good.


February 11th: Promise Day; Any promises that have been awaiting on your mind are made on this day. Where possible, It is the time to cherish the love you have for each other by sealing the relationship with the promise to love forever and ever.

February 12th:Hug Day; This day is all about hugging your loved one. This really shows the love love you have for them.

February 13th: Kiss Day; No much to say about this day but a kiss to a Loved one can make this day be wonderful.

Finally the D-day, 14 Feb, comes in with the themes of black and red. Celebrating this day with your loved ones Dominates the day after to a week long waiting.

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