UK drinkers get drunk more often than anyone else, says study

Fewer people may be drinking alcohol overall, but those who do appear to be doing it in a potentially harmful way. sky news
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Drinkers in the UK get drunk more often than any other nationality, according to a survey.

They reported getting drunk 51.1 times in a 12-month period – almost once a week.

English-speaking countries led the results, with the USA, Canada and Australia closely following the UK.

Not only do Britons get drunk more often, they also regret it less with only 18.5% of their drinking sessions feeling like a bad idea in the morning, compared with 20% globally.

A reveller spills beer as he tries to empty his stein during Munich’s Oktoberfest

Women reported regretting their boozing more than men, but the data showed that generally people “overwhelmingly like getting drunk”, the report said.

Researchers from the Global Drug Survey spoke to more than 120,000 from 36 countries – including 5,400 people from across the UK.

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