Ugx 21bn so far donated to National Response Fund to fight covid-19

People of Kooki contribute 600 bunches of matooke (bananas) to the National Response Fund to Covid19 in Uganda. The committee Katongole assured the committee’s transparency and accountability courtesy photo
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The reports coming in from the National Response Fund to fight COVID-19 have confirmed receipt of 21 billion shillings from donations to fight to fight COVID-19 pandemic.

The National Response Fund is seeking to raise 170 billion shillings purposely to support the Ministry of Health for test kits, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and to help them meet other health obligations during this period.

The reports concerning the donations were revealed by the committee’s Chairperson, also the CEO Cipla chemicals, Emmanuel Katongole on 3rd Sunday.

Katongole announced that out of the 21 billion so far donated, 7 billion shillings is cash at hand, 50 motor vehicles valued at 5 billion shillings, 4 billion shillings is money in pledges, medical equipment, foodstuffs and others, all valued at 5 billion shillings.

The Chairman also called upon all salary earners especially civil servants and business people to contribute part of their salary as a donation to fight COVID-19.


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He also revealed how National Response Fund to COVID-19 team members have committed to donate one million shillings per person in response to the President’s call.

“We also call upon all citizens including Cabinet Ministers of Government of Uganda, Members of Parliament, members of the Judiciary, Permanent Secretaries, Undersecretaries, Directors, Commissioners, all senior civil servants and all leaders in Local Government structure,” he added.

Furthermore, Katongole assured the committee’s transparency and accountability adding that all funds will be allocated and disbursed as prioritized by the needs of the Ministry of Health and the Government.

Ugandan currently holds at a total of 89 COVID-19 cases after the Ministry of Health on Sunday registered one new Covid-19.

The new case is a 39-year-old Kenyan driver who arrived in the country through Malaba.

The case was confirmed out of the 2729 samples of truck drivers. Efforts to track him are underway sources confirmed.

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