Ugandans spreading Hate for profit

Tina Fierce and Sheilah Gashumba

There is a thin line between freedom of speech a constitutional right and hate speech. Ugandans online are clearly yet to understand the distinction between the two.
“You are free to swing your fists in front of my face all you want as long as you do not hit me”. This statement best fits your right to freedom of speech. When you go ahead and hit my face that’s where we get the problems from.

Fortebet Uganda

Ugandans have mastered the science of Hate speech to a very toxic level. This is clearly portrayed both in the mainstream media and all other media platforms.

TV stations both privately owned and state-owned have taken the lead at promoting this new culture. Ugandans have been blinded to accept this new culture and they use the hate generated from this to feed their shadows. These TV programs actually make huge revenue off spreading hate speech. And what is interesting how UCC the body of the communications responsible for regulating media in Uganda clears these programs. In addition, of between 30minutes to 2hours dedicated to body shaming, harassing, and throwing dirt at different persons.

A pressure group led by the infamous and controversial socialite Sheila Gashumba and her Boyfriend Gods Plan.

Has recently come out to advocate for the stoppage of cyberbullying with a hashtag #stopcyberbullying. This comes after Gashumba was victimized by Scoop on Scoop.

In addition, one program that is also dedicated to the great cause of spreading hate for profit. This campaign has seen UCC suspend two such shows indefinitely.

Fortebet Uganda
Famous Ugandans
Sheilah Gashumba (R) and her Boyfriend God’s plan (L)

This campaign has not gone well within the Ugandan twitter family which is known as the Ugandans hate hub.

A slippery street as its often described by its residents. A lot of feelings have been hurt and emotions are high on twitter as the faction is greatly divided on the subject matter. But for one to entirely listen to twitter voices and believe that those voices are a representation of all Ugandans would be far from correct. Twitter is a microcosm that makes things seem big and omnipresent when they often times they have little or no visibility on the real world.

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STORY by Isiret Tukei.

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Fortebet Uganda
Fortebet Uganda