Uganda Lockdown extended for more 21 days

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The president of the Republic of Uganda his Excellency Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has extended the lockdown for another 21 days.

The government has decided to keep the stay home decision for another 21 days starting tomorrow April,15 to May 5, 2020, to allow us to study the situation longer. Therefore, all the measures as previously announced will continue in the next 21 days. I implore you to be patient, we shall defeat this virus by protecting our people from its rapid spread.

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On the issue of food support. This food support is for, mainly, the urban groups that were depending on daily earnings from the different activities that were suspended in this fight against the virus. These activities include the following: working in hair salons; in bars, night clubs; garages, selling non-food items in markets, etc.

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The qualifications for these food grants are two: you were depending on a daily earning that was suspended by the Government anti-corona measures, and you do not grow your own food. Therefore, those that do not fall into these categories, should not clamor for food grants.

Uganda Lockdown
President Museveni addressing the nation about Uganda Lockdown extension

Your Government needs to fund durable things like your roads, support agriculture, support UDB to your Ugandan investors that need to produce the products that we have been getting from abroad, etc. We should, therefore, not fraudulently clamor for free food when we do not fall into these two categories.

Let the Government spend money on production and not just consumption.

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