Uganda beats Sierra Leone to Host the 17th IFMSA Conference

Uganda beats Sierra Leone to Host the 17th IFMSA Conference

The Federation of Uganda medical students association emerged as winners in a highly contested competition to host the 17th International Medical Students Association ARM conference. The vote which was cast during an online conference saw the Federation of Uganda Students Association (FUMSA) gather 9 votes against Sierra Leone Medical Students Association’s(SLEMSA) 8 votes. The Conference will take be held in Kampala Speke Resort in December 2021.

This news has been received with wide spread excitement and joy amony medical student fraternity all over the state. This new development means alot to FUMSA as an institution and all Medical students. This conference comes with alot of global focus and endorsements which its members must take advantage of. Respectable institutions like the United Nations and WHO are some of the top institutions that will be involved and this will create an invaluable opportunity for ugandans to take on and learn global leadership.

FUMSA might easily be the biggest winner in this deal as organising the conference comes with big dollars. With an estimated budget of $100,000 FUMSA will see itself out of the financial hole that the recent Covid-19 predicament had placed them. That will be enough for the Association to successfully prepare for the conference and also clean up their balance sheet.

It is public knowledge that the Association’s journey ever since William Ssenkindu took over office has been full of drama with the leadership structure highly divided fighting mortal kombat amongest themselves. With this conference comfirmed, i can confidently say that there is no single person in FUMSA who could be more happier and relieved at this moment than mr. William Ssenkindu. This conference is his checkmate. When his board put him at ransom and frustrated his efforts, William took it personal. He wouldnt ask for a better way to redeem himself other than this.

Uganda beats Sierra Leone to Host the 17th IFMSA Conference
William Ssenkindu (left) with Trevor (right)

Williams fall from Genius to ingenious and then back to Genius is a space of less than 6months is a story of dedication, hard work, and Teamwork. He has definitely given leadership a new meaning as he has taken FUMSA from a good Association and turned it into a great institution.

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I believe with every cell in my body that this conference is going to be nothing short of a ugandan success story not because William is the captain of this ship but because of the competent persons the Association decided to bring on board to help sail this ship.

FUMSA has appointed Mr. Trevor Katsirabo a Kampala international University top shot and a long time friend of William as the Chairperson of the committee responsible for the success of the conference and Atim Kaducu from Kabale University as his vice Chairperson. I am privileged to have directly or indirectly have worked with these two persons and I can confidently write without fear of contradiction that I am yet to meet a better heart and soul respectively.

Trevor is a man with keen intellect, guts and honor.
Atim Kaducu is a brilliant, productivity magician who inspires perfomance. Her record with the kabale treasury KUMSA is as clean as a whitle. Any one worth their salt can vouch for her. She manages anything thrown at her with a heart and a soul and a brain.

I wouldnt name a better squad to take FUMSA to the promised land.

Congratulations FUMSA.

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