UCC Tasks Google to Block Ghetto TV, Bobi Wine Reacts

bobi wine leader of People Power Movement

The Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has requested Google to block National Unity Platform affiliated online television channels including the popular Ghetto TV Media from their video sharing platform – YouTube.

According to the commissions letter to the Google Chief Executive Officer, it says that the channels misrepresent information, views, facts and events in a manner likely to mislead the publc and are being used disseminate information that contains extremist massage including messages likely to incite violence.

Among the online channels that UCC seeks to block include Ghetto TV, Map Mediya, Busesa Media updates, Uganda Empya, KK TV, Uganda, Ekyooto TV, Bobi Wine 2021, Namungo Media and JB Muwonge 2.

UCC claims that the online TVs were used to mobilise riots the recent riots that followed the arrest of National Unity Platform Party presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi resulting into the loss of life and property.

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Bobi Wine’s Reaction…

“A regime in panic! Having gagged Ugandan media with all manner of repressive laws, raids, arrests and intimidation (plus taxing social media), the regime now asks Google to block social media channels that support us or carry message of change!

I hope all bloggers and other Ugandans who use social media to promote change are encouraged, knowing that their work has meaningful impact! We have been telling Ugandans about the power of the camera! The regime desperately lies that thess channels promote violence and other illegal activities, but in fact the regime is scared by the number of people we have on social media.

Of course they would do anything to stop us from broadcasting our events live. NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WILL SAVE MUSEVENI FROM THE FATE OF ALL DESPOTS,” Bobi Wine posted.

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