Top bloggers sting Sheebah Karungi after posting her flat tummy

sheebah karungi
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Uganda’s top bloggers, social media influencers, and social media in-laws have bashed singer Sheebah Karungi. In addition, after unleashing s3xy pictures of her flat tummy. She had passed by Sheebah Establishments Ltd then somebody told me her that her fans were in love with the dress.

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Therefore she decided to share some pics with her fans through her official social media platforms… However, her tummy left many Ugandan men unsettled downstairs as some of them immediately sent her love messages promising her heaven on earth… In addition, in a way of convincing her to give them her juicy sumbie… Meanwhile, a few social media influencers were not contented with her flat tummy, therefore they have hit back with stingy posts…

Sheebah holds breathe to flatten the tummy while taking a photo. Ba celeb babonabona wabula…… Omanyi okumala eddaakiika 10 ngatossa!!???,” blogger MAT TEE posted.

However, some of the sheebaholics have also come out to throw to defend their role model…

” She’s not holding her breathe….. Omuwayuliza…..,” Agie Twid a sheebah die-hard posted.

Sheebah celebrates one million views of her Nakyuka hit song on YouTube.

Queen Karma’s hit song reached one million views on the world’s largest video platform “YouTube” after just one month. In addition, amidst the coronavirus global pandemic therefore she expressed happiness to her fans through her social media page…

“My lovers, you make me shiver!!!!!!!!! Thank you Sheebaholics. You did it! Hit a million views on Youtube last night. #1mViewsIn2Months!! NEXT on the menu.. #NINDA Linda Linda. You better be ready for this one thou. #SAMALI… the album coming out soon…,” Quee Sheebah posted.

Watch Nakyuka HD video by Sheebah Karungi [Courtesy]

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