Tooro kingdom donates food worth UGX127m

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Tooro Kingdom has on Wednesday donated relief food items worth UGX127M to the seven district COVID-19 task force teams in the Tooro sub-region.

The donation by King Oyo is aimed to help over 6,000 vulnerable people affected by COVID-19 crisis which is hailing over the all whole world.

Tooro Kingdom Prime Minister Mr Bernard Tungwako said King Oyo decided to support his people who are currently affected by COVID-19 in the entire kingdom region.

In their package of donation, the Kingdom has also added trucks of firewood as an ultimate portion to support the subjects.

Cultural Kingdoms are coming up one by one to support the President’s call as well as their communities.

For instance, early this month the Buganda Kingdom donate 100m which was presented by King Mutebi’s brother Prince Wasajja to the Task Force.

The President of Uganda decided that the supply of relief food and goods be directed to the districts of Wakiso and Kampala vulnerable people.

However, this being a world wide crisis it means trade and supply of goods aren’t smooth leading to the scarcity of basic needs even in rural districts leaving dwellers in terrifying situations.

The restrictions imposed by the government on all transport means are also a tone of hinderances to even the rural people.

Famine is hitting villages to families seriously due to over constrained trade means, exchange of good and increased costs of the basic needs.

At the beginning of April, the Parliament of Uganda allocated 10bn which was divided amongst the MPs and Ministers to support their constituencies with relief food, basic items and support medical needs for this period.

Contrary to the State’s arrangements to manage COVID crisis, President Museveni says this is not allowed and mustn’t be done by parliament more specifically by individual MPs and Ministers.

Museveni also said that those MPs and ministers who interfered with war on coronavirus through distributing these things they bought should be warned.

“We are in an emergency; how did you distribute these things? What structures were you using?” President Museveni asked.

Mr. Museveni has advised that the best way out is MPs to donate the money to the districts where they come from adding that they aren’t the purchasing officer of the state.

The good news though, is that Uganda has not recorded any rise in the Covid-19 cases in the past two days.

 The reports carried by a local news website today revealed that Mulago hospital had ‘allegedly’ discharged all its Covid-19 patients.

Cyclone Times continue to encourage everyone Ugandan to follow the precautions set by the Ministry of Health to avoid the deadly virus.


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