Thousands of levellers gather at One Love Beach in Busaabala for Bobi Wine’s Kyareng Concert

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More than 3,000 supporters have so far arrived at the beach. Most of the people who came in early will also engage in selling different commodities to people who will attend the show.

Security is heavily deployed and every person is subjected to thorough body checks at the entrance.

Some of the revellers are donned in red clothes, berets and ribbons tied on their heads.

None of the revellers has been allowed to enter water at the beach.

Different businesses have been set up at the venue. The businesses range from restaurants drinks and roasted meat stalls.

“I came here as early as 5.00 am from Kamwokya. I want to make money and also have fun. I will be selling Bobi Wine’s calendars here.” said one of the youth.

The Kyarenga concert was first scheduled to take place on 20th of October in Namboole Stadium but was called off after the stadium officials said that the venue had been booked.

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