Things Women Who’ve Been Cheated On Many Times Do

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They say a scorned woman (one who has been betrayed) is more furious than anything that hell can devise. However, women who have been hurt by their lovers are extremely sensitive human beings and they deserve attention, patience, love, passion and empathy, and if you approach her for love, you must play your cards right because whenever they’re hurt, they take it harder than men.

However, we witness how deeply hurt some women can be. Most of the men, sadly, are unable to truly understand the emotional profile of each woman. Because of that, men are not fully capable of measuring the consequences of their actions.

Women who have been hurt too many times change radically, both consciously and subconsciously. These are some of the things Women Who Have Been Hurt Too Many Times Do:

1. They stop taking love seriously
Love is no longer something they wish to look for. They hope it will come but when someone tries to love them they hesitate. They are more closed off than they were before.

2. They doubt others more
They doubt you and your intentions. They do not want to go through that again and will not just jump into anything. Just because you show interest doesn’t mean you have good intentions.

3. They put up walls
They build barriers as a means of protecting themselves. They have seen the things this world does to people and want no part. They do all they can to keep others out.

4. They accept sadness as a part of life
Unfortunately, this is the sore reality. They man not be always depressed or anxious, but they will always see life in monochromatic colors.

5. They stop sharing
The concept of sharing and mutual progress and wellbeing is something that becomes unacceptable to them. They want to protect what they own, both in the material and spiritual reality. Their possessions slowly become untouchable for their new partners.

6. They trust less
They won’t trust anyone, not just men. Be aware that this is a defensive mechanism, slowly developed after many failures, disappointments and pain.

7. They are strong
Of course, they become strong and resistable. They are hard and they know how to keep this mindset. They don’t only want to be strong on the inside, but on the outside too, they won’t hesitate to show their strenght and independence in front of anyone.

8. They think of romance as ‘fake’
Romance is not something they believe in anymore. Relationships are meant to be so much more and they know this. They will not fall into the sweet trap most men put out ever again.

9. They focus on themselves
They take care of themselves first now and do not let others get in their way. They know what they want and will not let you keep them from getting it. They take care of themselves above all else.

10. They get rid of toxic people
Toxic people have no place in their lives. This is, actually, something that all of us should apply to their lives if they want true fulfilment and positivity. Toxic people spread negative energy and they are really dangerous.

11. They stand on their own
They are able to get by without the help of others. They are independent and do not need anyone but themselves. Sure, the company is nice but they can live without it.

12. They refuse to make excuses
They will not make excuses for the behavior of others. If you make a mistake they will call you out on it. Nothing gets by them anymore.

13. They stop taking risks
Taking risks, of course, is not their thing. This is the worst thing of them all because sometime in some of those risks they may find their prince charming. However, women who have been hurt many times are not going to take any risk, and if you want to be in a relationship with her, you need to work very hard to prove you are an honorable person.

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