There are ten strategic bottlenecks affecting the transformation of Africa, President Museveni

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President Museveni has in speech at the Africa Now Summit 2019 noted the ten strategic bottlenecks that are halting the transformation of Africa as a Continent.

Among the bottlenecks that the president noted include, education and health.

“By addressing the issues of education and health as well as the issue of the freedom of the private sector in its efforts to create wealth and jobs, we would have removed 2 strategic bottlenecks,” Museven explained.

According to the president, th 8 remaining strategic bottlenecks are: ideological disorientation, lack of infrastructure such as electricity, the railways, a narrow internal market that cannot absorb the products of large scale manufacture of goods and the expansion of services, the under development of agriculture where, in the case of Uganda, 68% of the homesteads are still in the non-money economy where people produce only for subsistence.

Others include, the under development of services such as tourism, insurance or hotels; and, in some cases and absence of democracy and technology

The president further said that adsressing the above issues will enable Africa to create prosperity for her people.

“By our producers generating alot of goods and service products that find a ready market. The more we sell, the more we produce. The more we produce, the more jobs we create and the wider the tax base,” he expounded.

Yoweri further said thay the more taxes we collect, the better social services the African governments will provide

Today, the African population is 1.25bn with a purchasing power of US$6.757 trillion.
By 2050 this population will be 2.5bn. Uganda alone will be 102 million people. With much bigger purchasing power, Africa will be the engine of the World economy provided bottlenecks are solved.
However, the question remains unanswered whether the president will tackle the said bottlenecks to relieve Ugandans from the bondage of poverty.

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