The stranger I met in a Taxi – Part 1

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It was threatening to rain by the time i left my work place and headed to the old taxi park to board back home. It surprised me finding a long queue of people all waiting for the same taxis heading to Bweyogere -Mukono and so forth. I was feeling exhausted so I pushed myself through all and got nearer to the front, giving a deaf ear to what people were spitting behind my back.

As soon as the taxi came, I jumped like a frog into it and won myself a hind seat nearer to a man dressed in a grey suit. I didn’t even say hi, but just bowed my head and rested my successful struggle off. Within a few minutes, the taxi was on its way…Inside my heart I sang “home ohh sweet home here I come”…I didn’t realise how I slept off but I was awoken by the conductor’s ‘ku stage y’abakyala mu ziweleze’ kind of commanding voice. I lazily slipped my hands into my handbag to pull out the purse where I had placed it only to find nothing.

I awoke and rechecked again. There was nothing. I poured all the staff onto ma laps and surprisingly, my phone was missing too but how had it happened? Perhaps, as i struggled for the taxi at the bus park but that wasn’t the problem now… the problem was how I was going to explain this to the conductor. My eyes grew wide and then small like cat’s eyes. The stranger besides me kept on stealing glances at me. I bathed my head into my arms and felt like crying. “Are u okay? “The stranger asked. “Yes… yes… I mean, no, am not okay I’ve been robbed,” I responded stammering.

By now, the taxi had stopped at the stage. The stranger got out and so did i. he touched into his pockets and pulled out a 10,000shs note and handed it to the conductor. “We are two…,” he said, with a smile covering his face. I kept my eyes onto the ground and mumbled a feeble thank you to him. I prayed he could walk away and I too walk home and cry my ass out but he kept on standing beside me…speechless…

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