The political situation in Uganda and why Museveni is the long-serving president

YK Museveni - President of Uganda
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Uganda is a landlocked country that has transformed itself from a country with a troubled past to one of relative stability and prosperity.
According to a report by BBC news in 2018, Uganda has a population of around 35.6 million people; covering an area of 241038sq km. it uses English as an official language. It is a secular nation with various religious denominations.

According to an article by BBC titled `Uganda country profile`, ever since it got its independence from Britain in 1962, the East African nation has endured a military coup followed by a brutal military dictatorship which ended in 1979.

Uganda has been ruled by 8 presidents, but according to an article by Nile post date 11 October 2017, the majority of Ugandans are not aware of the actual number of presidents who have ever ruled their country.

The disputed elections in 1980 and five-year war brought the current president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni to power in 1986.

Politically, Uganda changed to multi-party politics in 2005, giving room to different parties to participate in the country`s politics. However, this has continued to raise questions on whether the elections held are free and fair mostly when it’s the president who has authority over the chairman electoral commission in the country according to the constitution.
Ever since he came to power, Museveni has used all the required strategies to keep himself in power.

Many people in the country have continued to describe president Museveni as a wise man for mechanisms he keeps using to keep himself in control as the top man in the country.
To many political experts in the country, the president has manipulated the constitution to enable him eligible to stand as president.

He had ruled for more than two terms, this forced him in 2005 to amend the law in what they called the 2005 constitutional amendment to let the presidential term limits lifted hence enabling him to contest and won the 2011 elections although the opposition and the independent observers complained about the fairness and transparency of the polls.

According to media reports BBC world news, in 2017, parliament voted once again to remove the 75 year age limit for presidential candidates, clearing the way for president Museveni to contest again for the presidency since by 2021; he will be above 75 years.

On whether the famous politician in the names Robert Kyagulanyi famously known as Bobi wine will unseat Museveni in 2021 hangs in suspense following the news that came in from the National Resistance Movement (NRM) retreat in Kyakwazi that the constitution is to be amended again to lift the president age to 45 years and above for someone to be eligible to contest for the top seat in the country.

According to political analysts, this move is purposely aimed at blocking the now famous Bobi wine who by 2021 will not have made 45 years.

Mistreating opposition members I believe is one of the strategies that Museveni has used to keep himself in power since 1986. The previous attempts by Kizza Besigye to remove him from power have been unsuccessful due to the ruthless by the Museveni`s forces. This can scare away potential opposition members.

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