The nine rules from Chris Pratt at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards

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Chris Pratt wins the Next Generation Award at the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Awards and leaves the next generation a great message which he called, “the nine rules from Chris Pratt.”
When Pratt took the stage he thanked the duo as well as his son, Jack, and the fans. He then spoke directly to the “next generation”.
“This being the Generation Award,  I’m going to cut to the chase and I am going to speak to you, the next generation. I accept the responsibility as your elder. So, listen up”, Pratt said.
1. Breathe, if you don’t, you’ll suffocate,” Pratt said. “
2. You have a soul, be careful with it.
3. Don’t be a turd, if you’re strong be a protector and if you’re smart, be a humble influencer. Strength and intelligence can be weapons and do not wield them against the weak, that makes you a bully. Be bigger than that!”
4. When giving a dog medicine, put the medicine in a little piece of hamburger, they won’t even know they’re eating medicine.
5. Doesn’t matter what it is, earn it.
6. God is real, God loves you, God wants the best for you, believe that. “
7. If you have to poop at a park, but you’re embarrassed because you’re gonna stink up the bathroom, just do what I do, lock the door, sit down, get all the pee out first, OK? And then, once all the pee is done, poop, flush, boom.”
8. Learn to pray,” Pratt said.
And finally, number nine, nobody is perfect.
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