The mysterious death of Kyambogo Engineering Student raises questions

Kyambogo University Engineering Student Luyomba Nathan Mark was on Friday found dead from his room located in Banda Kasenyi slum in a suicide-like scene.

Luyomba a year 3 Student No. 1800809623, REG. 18/U/EME/9623/PE has been a student of the Department of Mechanical and Production Engineering, pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

According to the sources, Luyomba allegedly hanged himself in a room as his body was found with a bedsheet tied around his neck on the bed.

Immediate eye-witnesses concluded that he committed suicide but they couldn’t establish more of the likely lead to his death.

However, several other people have trashed the reports of him committing suicide alleging that this could be a faked suicide scene.

“That is not conclusive of suicidal, someone else could also have killed him and create that impression of suicidal after, just wait for the post-mortem report, may his soul rest in eternal peace,” Nante Gorret said in a comment.

Kate Ron called for more investigations into the matter saying Luyomba can’t reach this extent of committing suicide.

“Suicidal acts can’t solve probs guys, we all know what’s going on in Uganda. Am sure our bro can’t each to that extent of committing suicide, there must be something hidden. More investigation, please…..RIP,” Kate Ron informed.

“As friends, we should always be closer to people who are depressed at University always issue of tuition stresses many poor children that could be one of causes of such suicidal acts rip,” Apio Stella added.

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More reactions have since rejected the allegations saying his death scene doesn’t exhibit a self-planned suicide – follow along;

Adong Agnes: It’s not true that he might have done suicide I don’t agree with that statement more investigation, please!!.. MHSRIP Amen

Namanya Angella: More investigation should be done, an engineer using a bedsheet for suicide, smells like it was made to look like he hang himself. Anyways may God forgive him for all he did wrong.

Acak Phionah Phii: The cause of that death must be dug out in-depth coz someone can even kill him and wrap or tie the bedsheet around his neck. Suicide shouldn’t be the conclusive cause of death.RIP.

Kakuru Aggrey: You found a bedsheet tied in his neck and he was down not hanging people get clear how can a person hang himself and you just get a bed sheet tied In his neck but not hanging either on the door at least.

Josephine Aryemo: A bedsheets can’t hang someone I can’t believe this any way Rip.

Under all the ongoing death imaginations, one can’t conclusively say that Luyomba hanged himself or was intentionally strangled by a prepared killer.

Such circumstances leave many unanswered questions about the death of such an upcoming productive engineering professional.

Luyoma’s body was later taken to Mulago Hospital for Post-mortem in the Mortuary which is believed to establish the right cause of his.

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