The 83-year-old who has been a football manager since 1953

Larry Barilli is in the Chaplins dressing room, dishing out the strips to his players. BBC NEWS
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It is Sunday lunchtime, and match day for Chaplins against Belleaire in the Greenock and District Welfare League.

He is pretty angry – his only reserve for the match is the back-up goalkeeper.

Larry’s task of managing Chaplins to victory just got a little harder. At least he has his experience to fall back on – Larry is 83, and has been a football manager for almost 66 years.

On one side of the pitch are Belleaire’s management team and their subs, looking confident.

A few fans are also here to support their friends. One young man defies the bitterly cold Greenock wind and watches the game in a T-shirt with a bottle of beer in hand.

Larry Barilli started managing football teams in the year Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit of Mount Everest

After a brief team talk, where Larry encourages his players to enjoy themselves and respect the referee, he takes his position on the opposite side of the pitch from Belleaire’s coaches.

He is a lone figure, walking up and down the touchline wearing all black apart from his “No Fear” cap.

The game kicks off, and the great-grandfather doesn’t hold back – he shouts encouragement and occasional abuse at his players, he gives the referee a piece of his mind on foul throws and he constantly demands that his players play the ball forward.

As you may expect from a Sunday league amateur game, the language is somewhat colourful.

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