Tanzanian fallen tycoon Reginald Mengi’s will nullified by court

Reginald Mengi
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Tanzanian tycoon Reginald Mengi who died in 2019’s will has been nullified by the court in neighboring after his brother and son petitioned against it.

Other petitioners include Benson Benjamin Mengi, William Onesmo Mushi, Zoebu Hassuji, and Sylvia Novatus Mushi.

In their petition, they state that the will had a signature different from that of the deceased, they believed he could not have written the will since Reginald Mengi had been I’ll since 2016, and also, the will was not signed.

Additionally, they argue that the late was not in the presence of his wife or children at the time they claim his will was written since his death occurred while he was in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The questioned will also excluded his eldest children leaving all the wealth to his youngest wife Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe Mengi with their twin children.

According to Judge Mlyambina, the objections stated by the petitioners was valid and this prompted him to rule in their favour. He believes that the grounds indicate that the will was in deed tempered with.


The court’s decision to reject the will was delivered on May 18 by Judge Yose Mlyambina following a lawsuit filed by four people, including a relative of the late tycoon, seeking to be nominated as administrators of Mr Mengi’s estate.

Judge Mlyambina agreed with the objections raises t5 by one of Mengi’s eldest children and the tycoon’s brother, who were challenging the legitimacy of the will.

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He said the deprived petitioners needed to get their inheritance without reason and also, the assets in question also include the tycoons’ first wife assets which cannot be given to the second wife.

Hence due to that, the will was nullified as the grounds indicate that the case was in deed valid.

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