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Tik-Tok Queen Azziad Nasenya opens up on her hustles to the top
Tik-Tok Queen Azziad Nasenya opens up on her hustles to the top

Our news team brings for you a simple success story of a Kenyan Tik-Tok queen Azziad Nasenya. In case you missed out on our articles about Azziad, you carry out a search on our site and you will find all Azziad Nasenya’s stories. In today’s article as we wrap up our week, the Tik-Tok queen […]

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Tik-Tok Queen Azziad Nasenya to host new show on 9 TV Stations

Our news team has never failed to kick you through the Weekend with hot and amazing stories. In addition, news reaching our news desk is for the Tik-Tok queen Azziad Nasenya hosting a new show on 9 TV stations in Kenya. Azziad’s blessings keep counting ever since her breakthrough with a Tik-Tok video while dancing […]

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Azziad Nasenya the Tik-Tok Queen
Azziad Nasenya’s untold story ahead of her 20th Birthday Celebrations

Kenya’s Tik-Tok Queen Azziad Nasenya has spilled out the entire truth about her life. In addition, she has again revealed how much she loves journalism and thus it has been her dream job since she was a kid. Azziad gained fame when her dance video Utawezana went viral all over the different social media platforms. […]

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