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Tina Fierce and Sheilah Gashumba
Ugandans spreading Hate for profit

There is a thin line between freedom of speech a constitutional right and hate speech. Ugandans online are clearly yet to understand the distinction between the two. “You are free to swing your fists in front of my face all you want as long as you do not hit me”. This statement best fits your […]

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Tina Fierce and Sheilah Gashumba
Uncovering the whole truth about Sheila Gashumba X Tina Fierce Saga

It’s not always about who wrote the story first, the facts behind the story make it alive and today we bring you the crazy feud between Sheila C Gashumba and Tina Fierce, what you don’t know, what the media won’t tell you and the ugly truth about the whole matter. Now you have heard a […]

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Kampala Sun and Tina Fierce
Kampala sun and Tina Fierce have 48 hrs to apologize – Sheila G warns

Trouled and depressed Sheilah C Gashumba has threatened to expose Kampala Sun and Tina Fierce. In addition, for tarnishing her name she has worked for from day one because of money. The Kampala sun is an online newspaper that gives the latest news on Ugandan Celebrities and in Entertainment. In addition, it covers all the […]

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Robin Kisti
Robin Kisti – Sheila Gashumba smokes weed and sells her sumbie

Robin Kisti has attacked Sheila Gashumba after a bushy post on social media about how much NTV Uganda pays its workers. Robinah Nambooze aka Robin Kisti, the former NTV Uganda Login presenter, City socialite, and MC at high-end functions has trashed the Gashumba family. Kisti left Uganda to go and settle in the United States […]

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Frank Gashumba
Frank Gashumba to expose how media owners are exploiting journalists

Ugandan social activist, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker Frank Malingumu Gashumba has threatened to expose media owners today the 2nd of May 2020 at 4:00 p.m. In addition, on how these media owners are exploiting journalists to make huge sums of money. “If you admire people on Television and on radio stations, it is a fallacy. […]

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Sheila Gashumba
Sheila Gashumba stings telecom companies in Uganda

Sheila Gashumba has attacked telecom companies in Uganda. Over the years,Telecom organization firms have always however bamboozled their customers. In addition through fake exchanges where customers lose colossal totals of cash. Gashumba has additionally voiced her anxiety on how information packs are exhausted quicker. She blames them for being voracious. She also tweeted, “Lol yet […]

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