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Zoea Mawe
Azziad Nasenya – Ringtone rejected my love after promising him, 7 children

Kenyan Tik-Tok queen Azziad Nasenya has revealed how Singer Ringtone rejected her love even after promising him 7 children. In addition, this followed after a rumor spread on social media platforms that Ringtone Apoko was in a possible relationship with the Tik-Tok queen. However, besides the rumor, Ringtone Apoko has revealed that Azziad Nasenya does […]

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Azziad Nasenya
Azziad Nasenya, Kenyan Tik-Tok queen giving Ugandan girls headache

We bring a complete biography of Azziad Nasenya who is giving Ugandan girls too much headache. Enjoy below… Who is Azziad Nasenya? Azziad is a beautiful Kenyan upcoming journalist, actress, and content creator. She is giving Ugandan girls too much headache, however, she gained the fame of recent. In addition, when she posted her Tik-Tok […]