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Bobi Wine and Ashburg Kato
Why Ashburg Kato unknowingly provides a golden opportunity to Bobi Wine

The past few days have been filled with mixed reactions and emotional stress spread all over the Ugandan internet space. From LDU incompetence, 10Billion Parliament saga, Vivian Mutanda and Brian white rape allegations, Ben Kavuya and his Royal family and now Ashburg Kato with the people power. It has been a catastrophe to catastrophe. As […]

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Ashburg Kato
DRAMA as blogger Ashburg Kato officially joins NRM

Today, May, 19th 2020, social media is all at a burst after blogger Ashburg Kato posted while he was at president Museveni’s farm. Not so long ago, Ashburg went to the NRM camp to lobby for relief food for some people Power Movement influencers. However, this annoyed most of the people power activists, for example, […]

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