SWENGERE family begs Eddy Kenzo to help it grow its Youtube audience

Swengere Family

SWENGERE family has today reached out to Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo to intervene and help them grow their YouTube channel. Swengere family is well known for its amazing comedy skits that leave you entertained 24/7

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In a Facebook post, Eddy Kenzo asked some of his followers to subscribe to Swengere Family’s Youtube Channel. Therefore below is what Edrisa Musuuza has posted on his wall.

“Asaba awebwa so my people let’s go and subscribe to SWENGERE family utube channel. Thank you.

AN OPEN LETTER TO MR Edrisah_Musuuza_aka Eddy Kenzo

Greeting from Swengere and Uganda at large. I really don’t see it wise to ask how you are because I am pretty sure you are not well given the fact that you are miles away from your friends and family but I am glad ALLAH has kept you safe during this world crisis of COVID19.

I am writing this letter first to congratulate you and the entire TEAM KENZO upon your achievement of 1,000,000+ subscribers on YouTube.

Swengere Family
Swengere Family representative

It’s such a great joy to know that our very own has reached such a milestone and I am so positive that great things await ahead for you. You are such a great story to tell in the next generations.

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Your life is one of the greatest inspirational stories we have in our land. It’s a story that proves that someone can come from zero to hero, from the back seat to the high table. You are one person who has proved to the world that someone can set their own path and still make it life given that they apply for hard work, respect, and above all trust in God/Allah.

Second, am writing to you requesting your upper hand. As they say, DO NOT GIVE ME FISH BUT TEACH ME HOW TO FISH. At your level, am sure if I was to ask for 200,000/= it would be very easy for you to give it to me given the solid relationship that is between me and you but I think that would not be wise given the fact that I would spend that cash in less than an hour and it would be gone, it’s at this point that I would like to request for something that is way bigger than 200,000/=. Given the fact that you are one of the most influential people on social media with a big following, I am pretty sure if I request your publicity it’s one of the things that can help me and my brand.

For years we have tried to push our work on #YOUTUBE but it has all been in vain. So am requesting if you find it ok, you help me call upon your follower to consider subscribing to our Swengere Family YOUTUBE channel.


I am sure if I am to get only 200,000 subscribers out of the 1,000,000+ subscribers that you have this will be way much better than 200,000/=. In addition, I am sure our work is good enough not to bring shame to your assistance.

I know most people will judge me saying it’s undermining my own brand SWENGERE by asking another brand for promotion but trust me in Busoga we have a saying that goes as MUSADA MWINHO KYAKUSINZA………” simply meaning IF A FELLOW MAN IS BETTER THAN YOU THEN TAKE IT IN GOOD FAITH”. Kenzo has proved that he is great at social media platforms being ranking among the best in Africa so it’s only wise for me to request for his upper hand.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Kenzo in advance hoping my request meets your kind consideration,” Eddy Kenzo posted.

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Fortebet Uganda
Fortebet Uganda