Statue unveiled to honour George Best at Windsor Park

Hundreds of fans gathered as former Northern Ireland goalkeeper Pat Jennings revealed the new sculpture alongside Best's sister Barbara McNarry. BBC NEWS
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A statue of former Northern Ireland international George Best has been unveiled at Windsor Park in Belfast.

“Best wanted to be remembered for football and that’s what we have captured,” said sculptor Tony Currie.

The unveiling marks what would have been Best’s 73rd birthday.

“George was a man of the people and having him on a pedestal would keep him out of reach but he was a very approachable person,” explained Currie.

“The stories I’ve heard about him were about his kindness and warmth towards fans”.

Among the onlookers was Best’s Northern Ireland team-mate, Gerry Armstrong.

“I love that it is an action shot and you can see that George is almost falling over, he had fantastic balance and it is a fitting tribute to him.”

Best scored 9 goals in 37 appearances for Northern Ireland.

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