Source of the Nile Trail Challenge to take place on 27th September 2020

Source of the Nile Trail Challenge to take place 27th September 2020
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The Source of the Nile Trail Challenge, a running and cycling event, will take place in September 2020.


Traditionally, this prestigious event has taken place in Jinja. However, owing to the uncertainty caused by the unprecedented global pandemic of Covid-19, and the directives issued by the Ugandan Government, the Activate Uganda team is, at this stage, looking to run the event virtually. 

Fortebet Uganda

Activate Uganda will keep the situation under review and, should lockdown restrictions be lifted by 1 September, and we are able to organize the event, then we will run the event as normal.  Athletes living outside of Uganda at the time of the race will be allowed to compete in the event virtually, as we expect the international travel ban will not be lifted by that stage and that quarantine regulations for incoming travelers will still be in place.


The Challenges currently scheduled for 26 September 2020 and will be contested over a choice of five distances: 5km, 12km, 25km, 50km runs, and a 30km Mountain Bike ride.


Registration is between 10 August and 20 September 2020. The fees for all the runs and for the bike ride are:  

·         60,000 ugx or $15 USD


Children 14 years & below can only participate in 5km and 12km run. Their registration fee is 40,000 ugx.



Stunning, excellent quality, Hyper Sports Running T-shirts, with a “Finishers” logo, will be on sale at 90,000UGX or $25 USD each.


We give the choice of a personalised race number after your registration, but subject to the following guidelines:

You are a fully paid up registered participant;

The race number you are requesting is not already reserved by another athlete and has not been allocated permanently (see below for “Permanent Numbers”);

50 km event – Number starts with 50, followed by your choice of a number between 50 and 99 e.g. Keith Reynolds ran 50 km when he was 50 years of age. His number might be 5050; 

·                25 km event – Number starts with 25, followed by your choice of a number between 01 and 99 e.g. 2503;

·                12 km event – Number starts with 12, followed by your choice of a number between 01 and 99 e.g. 1210;

·                5 km event – Number starts with 5, followed by your choice of a number between 01 and 99 e.g. 528;

·                30 km event (bike) – Number starts with 30, followed by your choice of a number between 01 and 99 e.g. 3021

Please note: the deadline for personalized race number requests is September 10th, 2020.   


Permanent numbers will be issued in sequence, starting at 1, to any athlete who completes the 25km run, 50km run or 30 km bike challenge 3 times (3 years);

The runs do not have to be completed in consecutive years;

Once you have been awarded a permanent number you will be allowed to claim a race number that will remain yours only. This is the number you will wear on your bib at all future events;

·         The number prefix (5, 12, 25, 30 or 50) for your permanent number is based on the event completed the most times e.g. if you completed 25km twice and 50 km once, your permanent number will start with 25;  

·         Note that the bike and run permanent numbers are separate events (i.e. you can get a Bike & Run number if you do 3 years in each.  Bike & Run cannot be added together); 

·         Once issued to you, the chosen number will only be worn by you at future events.   


·         If the option to run in Uganda is available, all participants in Uganda will be issued a race number a few days before  the event (additional information to be communicated);

·         For all registered participants not able to compete in Uganda, numbers will be emailed 


Should we still be under lockdown regulations at the time of the event the following will apply:

·         You must complete the registered distance starting at a time you choose on 26 September and finish before midnight (in your country time);

·         You must complete the distance you registered for. If you do not complete the registered distance you will be counted as a non-finisher;

Results will only be accepted if accompanied by a device that records time and distance (Strava, Garmin, TomTom, Polar, etc.);

Your run/bike result has to be posted to us no later than midday on 27 September;

You must inform us if for any reason you do not start the event on the day. You will be marked as a non-starter; 

For participants outside Uganda, virtual personalized race numbers will be sent by email to print and wear on the day;

For participants in Uganda, personalized race numbers will be issued shortly before race day. 


Media houses and journalists requiring further information should contact the undersigned.

Alex Matovu

CEO Activate Uganda

Office +256 (0) 755 017066



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