Soroti fruit factory to be launched this year, Capt Mukula calls for more industries

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The NRM Vice chairman Eastern region Hon. Captain Mike Mukula is satisfied with the progress of works at Soroti fruit factory that is currently undergoing a pre-commissioning exercise test where the machines are being run to see to it whether the machines can run according to the promised capacity.

The chairman called upon the government to provide more industries of such caliber to boost income levels of the local people.

Mukula, who toured the factory on Saturday with a team of journalists, thanked the people of Teso for their patience over the factory, adding that when a tree grows, the last things seen are the fruits.

The Soroti fruit factory was President Yoweri Museveni’s pledge to the people of Teso in 2011.
Mukula says the factory is now ready and set to consume all the orange and Mongo products.

He noted that, the testing will be able to take one month before a decision is taken to fully move into production, adding that optimum production is expected when the season opens around September/October due to the rains, and the president will be expected to come and launch the factory in October.
Mukula noted that the factory is a major economic achievement For Teso region.

He elaborated that, from one day’s shift, the factory will be able to consume about 48 Tones which will make Teso earn about 17billion shillings from oranges only, but in case the lower minimum of two tons per day is used, it will be able to generate a total of close to 23 billion shillings on a half a day shift, and if we go into double, it means that Teso will be able to generate a total of 46b shillings.

Mukula calls for more factories in the region in order for Teso to have a commercial crop that can be able to build on the household income in the region.

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