Socialite Zari Hassan threatens to cut off son’s head

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platinumz with their stubborn son, Nillan
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Ugandan city socialite Zari Hassan has furiously promised to cut her son’s head. The Boss Lady says she has had a tough time with Nillan, her 3-year-old son because he doesn’t understand why he is ever locked in. In addition, Zari Hassan also claims Nillan has been enjoying the company of his friends every time he stepped outside.

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Therefore the Massolo eater has promised to behead her own son without fear or favor. According to a trusted source, socialite Zari Hassan revealed how her son cut her very expensive white couch using a very sharp knife.

However, Zari did not give him a heavy punishment because he still a toddler. Therefore she restricted him from electronic gadgets for a few days. As if that was not enough punishment for Nillan, he again provoked the Boss lady when a repeated the same stunt. In addition, Nillan demolished his mother’s package thus Zari feeling like removing the small boy’s damn head off. Zari also reached to an extent of saying that her son was sending her to jail…

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“My Babor packages arrived and this is what happened they better open flights so I can ship you off. I’m done, I’m tired, I’m about to cut this kid’s head off. This kid tryna send me to jail. SMH,” the boss lady furiously said.

Zari Hassan and Diamond Platinumz with their stubborn son, Nillan
Zari Hassan and Diamond Platinumz with their stubborn son, Nillan

“He is stressed about being in the house. Same environment, same people, he is not really interacting with other kids of his age. I was a bit reluctant to take him back to school. The fact that preschool is open now, I will definitely get him back. He is distressed, hence his behavior,” Zari added.

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