Socialite Zari denies sexual affairs with Bryan White

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KAMPALA – Socialist Zari Hassan the Boss lady has denied having an affair with Bryan White, real  after pictures surfaced of the two appearing cosy during a charity event organised by Bryan White Foundation in Arua last weekend.

In a TV interview on Thursday evening, following a presser about the Miss Uganda event slated for today, Zari in her defence said the place where the charity event was held was so loud so the only way she could communicate with Bryan White was bending over to him. She said Bryan White walking her to the helicopter, hand in hand was just a kind gesture. Zari though said Bryan White is handsome and quite attractive.

The mother of five also stated that she has no problem with Hamisa Mobeto’s son, Daylan, after he celebrated his first birthday three days after Zari’s daughter Tiffah’s birthday party. Both children belong to musician Diamond Platinumz and when Daylan’s birthday was celebrated the event received a lot of bashing on social media.

Bryan White escorts Zari to the helicopter. (Joy Nasuuna)


The public needs to stop bashing this young boy, he is innocent, let them bash the parents. And those that say you are ‘team Zari’, focus on promoting me, my brand and my family, what isn’t in that circle, just ignore, stop bashing other people and stating it’s on my behalf.” Zari stated and sent birthday wishes to Daylan wishing him a happy life, no matter what social media says about him.

The social media influencer (as she prefers to be addressed now) is in town ahead of the Miss Uganda crowning ceremony due to take place at the Kampala Sheraton Hotel on Friday, August 10 where she is one the judges.

Zari said she is enjoying single life and is not looking to date but she is optimistic that next year, she could introduce someone to her family and fans.

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