“What are sex dolls? Do they give impressive bed moments?”

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As technology grows day and night, robot sex dolls are also becoming big business, manufacturers claim that their products are so realistic and people are marrying them.

These sex machines are given beauty and body features that make them look like real human beings.

You may wonder how these rubber dolls are created. The process is creepy, a bit scary and kind of weird with a very impressive output.

Countries like China is currently facing a massive gender gap, with 33.6 million more men than women in the country of 1.4 billion people.

Exdoll a Chinese firm believes it may have a solution for these lonely men – in the form of ‘smart’ sex dolls that can do bed work, talk, play music, and even turn on dishwashers through artificial intelligence.

The sex toys have the entire body involving the face, the pelvic portion along with the anus, vagina for the purpose of sexual instigation. With the course of time sex dolls have diversified and modified both in the manner they are made in the prevailing period, and how they look like, but also the way society is welcoming them.

These products come in different types for example Silicone Love Doll which can be found in the shape and size of a sexual partner for assistance in masturbation.

This cheapest love doll is usually made from Vinyl and are inflatable. However, they don’t last long because they tend to burst at the seams after a short while.

Those made of thicker vinyl; foam and latex are also relative cheap but can cause allergies in other people.

Sex doll manufacturers also understand that a number of individuals are not active socially, they can’t open themselves easily to others. Some prefer to live alone. These dolls are designed to be a perfect companion for them that is why McMullen is eager in improving the artificial intelligence of his works.

How much is a sex robot?

Personalised sex robots can cost tens of thousands of pounds.

However much cheaper models are also available in the growing market.

As the technology is more widely used, the price of sex robots is expected to fall increasing their use.

Buyers can customise a range of physical features including height, skin tone, breast size, eye colour, hair colour and even amount of pubic hair.

According to Exdoll, the most popular dolls have pale skin, large breasts and measure between 158 and 170 centimeters (five foot two and five foot seven) tall.

Are people really marrying them and can the dolls “cheat”?

According to Real Doll, a company behind a range of startlingly life like sex robots, the futuristic lovers are actually saving the lives of the lonely men who wed them.

The company confirmed that the most popular use for the robots is still as a purely sexual partner adding that, “There are many reasons we have heard from our customers, ranging from the sexual aspect to a domestic partner to art pieces enjoyed simply for their beauty.

“While we believe we provide a product that has many applications we are sometimes astounded at the impact we make on some customer’s lives who marry their dolls, saying that we had saved their lives because they felt like they had nothing to live for after the death of a spouse or the end of a relationship”, says a manufacturer.

Robotics psychologist Rebekah Rousi said, “We have to consider if robots will have their own sexual desires and what will motivate these desires.

“If the end goal is to create autonomous robots that are capable of independent thinking and feeling, the chances of humans maintaining power within these relationships is quite marginal”, he added.

What is the future of these dolls?

Sex dolls manufacturers promise to roll out more advanced robots that have human-like facial expressions and body movements.

There are already good robot technologies developed, so they want to concentrate on having robots with the most beautiful face, and the hottest body.

At the time, majority of sex dolls look like women, but they can’t move on their own and are non-responsive.

However, as the sex doll industry boom, these rubber play things are also expected to improve. Developers are planning to add artificial intelligence (AI) in their future sex robots.

This doll is not just designed to give men pleasure, but to be a great companion as well. She has a memory and the user has the opportunity to develop her artificial intelligence. For instance, you can tell her that you are hungry and she will suggest your favorite food.




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