SafeBoda bows to pressure, apologizes for cheating customers, refunds money

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Safeboda, a motorbike hailing service application has moved to apologize to its customers following social media outburst that the company was cheating its users through sophisticated software.

“We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused,” the company twitted following complaints of over-charge and irresponsible driving revealing that, “all reported cases were duly refunded.”

Safeboda also announced that it had fixed the ‘overcharge bug’ in their software after their customers complained of trips overcharge while using the motorbike application.

Safeboda in one of several other extensive steps, it has also fired a number of riders for company for abusing customers using callous words and irresponsible conducts. this also comes days after passengers had expressed concerns over the increasing cases of reckless behaviors by riders belonging to the Safeboda.

“We also have retraining sessions for the already existing community. We apologize for the inconvenience you faced and are going to caution the SafeBodas on such behaviors. Our technical team is in the process of improving the app [application] so as to better the SafeBoda experience,” the company said in an official statement.

SafeBoda added, “We are continuously recruiting and training more riders at the SafeBoda training centre to ensure a quality experience for our customers and to increase availability of SafeBodas.”

The mobile application founded in Kampala four years ago, boasts of over 5,000 trained and professional SafeBoda’s serving more than a hundred thousand customers weekly in the city.
It which connects riders to passengers in need of convenient transport at the click of a button and is among the most frequently downloaded in Uganda alongside WhatsApp and Facebook in August.

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