Roots of the Big Eye StarBoss and Sheilah Don Zella Story

Big Eye and Don Zella
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“Love is soo overrated,” is a famous quote that has been made real because of the state of today’s relationships. Today as usual our team brings you the trending and ongoing love once had and then lost the battle between Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye and Nalongo Sheilah Don Zella.

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Of course, everyone knows Big Eye’s music career has been on a bumpy ride ever since him and Don Zella broke up back in 2016.
At first, it was love and butterfly pictures between these two, they flocked and roamed everywhere around Kampala together driving flashy cars and showing off the young undying love they had together until things hit a difficult and stubborn rock.

Big Eye and Don Zella

The lovers we all admired were beginning to fight frequently and it was no longer inspiring at all.

According to Don Zella who has been the most vibrant side in talking about their breakup, she states that herself and Big Eye broke up. In addition, because the man had a big head and couldn’t stomach the blame she cast on him.

“I was looking after 20 people, two were my family members, an askari (security guard), and two maids. The rest were his people,
It reached an extent when I felt it was too much on my side because I have children who are girls. Growing up with such an environment was not safe for them because these guys used to smoke and drink alcohol. When I talked to him, he didn’t listen and decided to shift and rent a house somewhere with his boys. ” She said in one of her interviews after the break-up.

Leaving her with a pregnancy of twins, Big Eye decided to move out on her and start a new life on his own. She narrates that that was one of her trying moments in life because she had a lot of stress and was lovesick like a high school girl who had just witnessed her first heartbreak, she cried about it and bad news still caught up with her when she had a miscarriage and her long-awaited for twins didn’t have a chance to breathe the air that everyone alive enjoys.RIP

Big Eye and Don Zella

Don Zella narrates that at this time she needed the would have been the father of those deceased twins more anything in the world but he was nowhere to be seen and up to today she claims he has never filled the Gap left in her heart because of the ugly incidences that materialized thereafter and this pinned the last nail into the coffin.

By the end of 2016, the Big Eye, Don Zella Relationship was nowhere to be seen anymore. In addition, and up to today, there has never been a formal reunion.

A lot has happened in the time lapses of the then and now error that saw Don Zella her self joining the music industry and of course jumped out at some point, her Ex-Big Eye struggling to make hit songs but all in vain and then the latest which has brought back a bitter feud between both parties…

To read more about this developing story keep visiting our site for a new part that will be published as soon as all the details and facts are put together, Thank you

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