Robert Mijumbi arrested for creating false hope of COVID-19 cure

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Robert Mijumbi arrested for creating false hope of COVID-19 cure. Following his video clips posted on YouTube and later went viral on various social media platforms, Mijumbi Robert an Alumni of Kyambogo University (Bachelor of Science Technology-Biology) and CEO of Biobert Research Group Limited arrested on Tuesday 14th/04/2020 on counts of creating false hope of finding the cure for the COVID-19.

In his videos and a letter he wrote to the Ministry of Health dated 10th/04/2020, Mr. Robert Mijumbi alleges how he created a protein that can cure the COVID-19 infection. “I came up with an enzyme that selectively digests the genotype of the Corona Virus. The therapy is done intravenously and because of the high specificity of this enzyme recovery is expected with immediate effect.” He added.

Robert Mijumbi arrested for creating false hope of COVID-19 cure
Robert Mijumbi in the lab
However, this was rubbished by the pharmaceutical society of Uganda and later prompted the National Drug Authority (NDA) to start a hunt for Mijumbi. After a hunt for 3 days after his publication, Mijumbi arrested Bweyogerere after picking one of the calls from the security agencies who trucked and arrested him. According to NDA, Robert Mijumbi may go to jail for two (2) years if found guilty for the manufacturing and mixing of an unauthorized drug.

However, medical health workers at Mulago National Referral Hospital were full of praise. To the Lord as the hospital discharged four COVID-19 patients on Wednesday. Robert Mijumbi arrested for creating false hope of COVID-19 cure.

The discharge pushed the national tally of discharged COVID-19 patients to 12 for instance.

According to the Ministry of Health, in addition, a COVID-19 patient only goes after testing negative twice. For the Ministry to be sure that the Corovirus can no longer be detected in the person’s body.

The health workers according to the Ministry of Health were first disinfected upon leaving. The COVID-19 isolation and treatment unit before they started singing songs of prayers.

In conclusion, Uganda as of Tuesday 14,2020 had 55 cases of the COVID-19 diseases by the novel Coronavirus. The country has also confirmed no deaths from COVID-19.

Some people who won the fight from the deadly Covid-19 disease are increasingly testing positive for the virus again, a short while after release from the hospital.

On Monday, Yonhap, a government-funded news agency in South Korea. Reported that one of the patients who had tested positive for the second time died.
Another study in China estimated the number of people testing positive after release from quarantine at around 10 percent.

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