REVEALED – Why Gen. Elly Tumwine thinks Bobi Wine can’t be President

REVEALED - Why Gen. Elly Tumwine thinks Bobi Wine can't be President

The security Minister Major General Elly Tumwine has revealed why Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi can’t be president of Uganda. Hmm, Tumwine is however not the first army general to come out and criticize the National unity Platform, presidential candidate… A few months/weeks back, Brig, General Deus Sande, and Maj general Kahinda Otafiire too came out and hit hard at Bobi Wine…

Elly Tumwine
Security Minister Elly Tumwine

According to Otafiire, he said that Presidential hopeful Bobi Wine doesn’t have the qualities of a good leader and thus cant accept to hand over power to him. In addition, he also emphasized that they [him and other generals] will not serve him even when declared president of the Republic of Uganda.

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This time, Security Minister General Elly Tumwine not only said that Kyagulanyi is incapable but also added that he is a mad man. In addition, and a ganja man and thus a person with such attributes cannot be a President of this country. Elly Tumwine also added that Uganda has come from so far and therefore it cannot be handed over to someone who has no leadership qualities to run it.

“We went to the bush to have good leaders, not mad people, and weed smokers like Kyagulanyi. Whom is he going to lead? Am not one of them.” he said

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