President Museveni set to address the nation tonight

President Museveni at IGAD
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President Museveni is set to address the country today in relation to the new Covid-19 variant that has affected the country.

Tonight, at 8 pm President Museveni shall address in regard to the new variant that has hit the country causing alarm especially in regard to the increasing number of infections, admissions and deaths.

The address just like the previous ones is going to be aired on both radio and television so that each and everyone is in position to attain information in regards to what the president has to say.

As the country anticipates an address, many people believe that there’s a chance that there maybe an lockdown which the Covid-19 national taskforce has allegedly adviced the President.

At the beginning of this week, the Ministry of Health warned Ugandans especially health workers to be cautious in order to limit on their chances of contracting the deadly Covid-19 variant which has been noticed in the country.

So far, the total number of health workers that have been affected by the virus stands at 19 and the Ministry worried a possible rise in the number of health workers affected by the virus.


“New COVID-19 cases are increasing day by day, and health workers are severely affected. I strongly urge you to practice infection prevention and control,” Dr Henry Mwebesa, the Director General of Health Services, Ministry of Health.

The new Covid-19 variant started out in India and it claimed many lives in the country with a highly advanced medical service which only worries the Ministry of Health especially since our medical sector is struggling.

Although the Ministry of Health tried to take measures to ensure that the country doesn’t get affected, the varient has already reached the city and the increasing numbers of the patients is worrying.

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Kyambogo University has so far registered eight cases of covid-19 which is only one among many other institutions of learning the country that habe registered Covid-19 cases.

Hence the presidential address today in which we are meant to be informed of what the head of state has decided in regards to the high rate at which the deadly Covid-19 is spreading.

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