President Museveni promises to promote welfare in his 6th term

President Museveni promises to promote welfare in his 6th term

Head of state, President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has vowed to promote and uphold welfare in his sixth term.

While making his oath, the newly elected President promised to promote citizens’ welfare as well as defend the constitution, observe the laws of Uganda and ensure peace and welfare.

This was witnessed by invited guests which include ten invited heads of state from within Africa as he said;

“I, Yoweri Tibuhaburwa Kaguta Museveni, swear in the name of the almighty God that I shall faithfully exercise the functions of the president of Uganda and shall uphold, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution and observe the laws of Uganda and that I shall promote the welfare of the people of Uganda. So help me God.”

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President Museveni has been elected for his sixth term to lead Uganda. From the look of things, it seems this term shall be different as President Museveni has promised to ensure the welfare of students.

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In the recent past, the USA revoked some passports belonging to Ugandan citizens over violation of human rights in the recently concluded elections. The President came out to defend his leadership and he seems to reemphasize his point through his prime aim.

Many countries have come up to congratulate and stand with the President in his term including Germany whose Chancellor made an official statement through Facebook to officially announce her alliance.

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